Thursday, August 23, 2012


Why is it dat we  need reasons to miss some one and the reason, most of the tym is do wd our selfishness... y do we remember our family,  friends only in tyms of distress,sorrow and y do our friends remember us only during thier bad tyms...... y are our friends not wd us wen we need them the most?

As mush as i value my  buddhist values and upbringings,  sometimes i cant help those negative things lingering into my brain...please God, help me free myself from negative emotions

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

bk for good...

Its been a long time since i was here...... and in the last few months, a lot had happened... from the over hyped rupee crunch ( people pointing finger at each other for the rupee crunch) to the hue and cry over the pedestrian day to the heart wrenching Wangdue dzong disaster.. the latest news leaving people of the country in tears and anxiety but,  then what Wangdue dzong disaster showed us was the unity of our country men in terms of need with people of all walks of life contributing every little they can as per their capacity. It was and is an emotional moment not only to the people of wangdue phodrang but to the country men as a whole.

over the months, i sat down a few tyms to write on issues but the tym??? my family often gets annoyed wd me for bring office work home and wen i dont the other few tyms, they finds it irritating(as they puts it out) to find me glued to the i put aside every thing  and spend the litlle tym i get wd them.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

i am in love with idea of does it sound?...well....i can feel the pain inside wen the hero or the heroine is abt to die in the climax, i can feel my heart thud when violins and guitars are played in the background, gets overwhelmed wen they do small but sweet things fr each other.... i wish , life was like in the movies, then it would be really simple, beautiful, aprt from the noise pollution of course with every one  singing at the top of their voice every 2nd minute... ;)

i love movies especially "the happily ever after "; particularly in this tym where marriage has lost its charm, where infidelity has become a social norm and where love, merely a word.... save for very few happy people....its an irony where people has very less time for each other in these land of GNH..;)

Sunday, October 2, 2011


......cudnt sleep, so after tossing n turning for more than 2 hours, trying  to sleep....i went online, saw only a few frns thot, y not scribble smethng .............moreva been ages since i last wrote smethn.......

well, it would be wrong to say, i dint write anythng 4 months.....i wrote numbers of notesheets , requistions, applications, minutes of meeting and... mmmmm ........... m writing a report for the Department but den, most f the stuffs were routine "copy paste " type of writing.............. creativity ka zamana he nahin hain...;)

aur aab toh  i think mera creativity bhi gaye tael leni.............been typing n deleting for long now.... nothng substantial coming up..... mmmmmmmmm ahh...give up....will read a book.....that shud make me sleep....;)

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


"who is your best friend??????"

mmmm.....simple, it may seem but i have never been able to come up with one answer...i dont have many friends but yes,i have a few very good whenever ppl ask me 'who my best friend is?'......i would generally take all their names.....but then, i realised it was not the answer to that question....coz u can have only one BEST frien...... so i took time and thought who among all of them would i really call my best friend?...

As much as i thought over it, i cudnt come up with one answer....realised i love all of them equally and it would be unfair to rank them...n maybe at a point u feel u love one of them a li'l more depending  on who u close with at that period; both in terms of your location and who u talk to u more at that particular time.. .

a stage comes in life when u get very busy with life that u dont even  have time to call your good friends..and though at heart we know we  love our friends,  ironic it may seem,  but we still need to be  reminded  how strong our friendship is or was...(reminds me, its been long , i need to call my friends.. ;) ...)

life was more simple as a primary school kid with all the time in the world to hang out with ppl u love...."play marbles in the dust, run after each other for petty things, share toffees with friends, n yea play rubber games wd friens,watch movies whole day during breaks and fight over your favourite actor...." ... ;)...

missing  all of u who's been part of my life  all these years and just to remind that jst coz we dnt talk everyday doesnt mean we love each other any less than we did before...:)

Friday, August 5, 2011


whenever we have official guest visiting Bhutan, one of the first question they ask me upon knowing i am from wangdue phodrang would always be.....
"wow, phobjikha is really beautiful, so blessed, u must have visited the place many times"
and i would always be embarrassed to admit i have never been to Phobjikha though its hardly 30 minute drive from my village and most importantly, also coz it is an important conservation site  ... Recently, i had the privilege to visit Phobjikha..;)
Gangtey-Phobji valley is a visual treat...Green Phobjikha  is a good break from the busy city and the perfect conservation spot but the  glimpse of Gangtey Goenpa enroute Phobjikha soothes you down...the very sight of the majestic Goenpa which is the seat of the Venerable Gangtey Trulku, the lineages of Tertoen Pema Lingpa makes u  free of all negativity.
The black necked cranes , its said, when they first flies to Bhutan in the winter would first go around Gangtey Goenpa  thrice before finally descending down to the wet phobjikha valley..."Science" , one of my senior said.."the cranes are trying to slow down to land soundly on the wet lands  because of the steep terrain down the Goenpa to the has to slow down thier momentum.."
The debate between science and religion will keep on going but i chose to believe it is due to the sacredness of the Goenpa that the Cranes encircles the Goenpa before finally descending down..  :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011


feeling low today.....things are not going as it should go...i seems very shallow, as if something is missing or something is going wrong.... ;(